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The finest destination wedding photography portfolios at Canvera

Photo Tantra

New Delhi

The awesome husband-wife wedding photography duo that makes up Photo Tantra are ardent students of India’s diverse wedding customs. Their candid, nuanced yet dramatic work have been featured in and lauded by the prestigious People Magazine (US edition, March 2012), Conde Naste Traveler, Femina, Marie Claire, Indian Express among others.

Genres : Wedding, Candid wedding, Pre-wedding Shoot, Engagement, Couple And Bridal Portrait

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New Delhi

Delhi based Ramit Batra is committed to his art and passionate about photographing his subjects in their natural ethos. The most striking feature about Ramit’s photography is his attention to detail that makes him one of the finest wedding photographers of the country.

Genres : Wedding, Destination Wedding, Candid Wedding, Pre-Wedding, Couple and Bridal Portrait

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Twogether Studios By Arjun & Praerna Kartha


2011 winner of the Kodak Wedding Photographer Of The Year Award, Arjun Kartha describes himself as a “non-wedding” photographer and features among India’s most sought-after professionals in the field. Beautiful, off-beat and fun, Arjun Kartha Photography straddles candid and classic with equal élan.

Genres : Candid Wedding, Hindu Wedding, Christian Wedding, Couple and Bridal Portrait, Engagement

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Navdeep Soni


Navdeep Soni is an accomplished wedding photographer from Pune, whose work has been featured in established international wedding blogs, magazines and books. He has shot destination weddings to intimate weddings across India. A leading Destination Wedding Photographer, he counts Udaipur, Jaipur and Kerala as his favourite wedding venues.

Genres : Hindu Wedding, Christian Wedding, Muslim Wedding, Destination Wedding, Engagement

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Devendra Purbiya Production


Glamorous, lavish, emotional. The portfolio of Mumbai’s Devendra Purbiya Production runs the gamut of adjectives. Wedding photography specialists that have shot in destinations and venues around the world, Devendra Purbiya Production also excels at fashion, still lives, portraits and events.

Genres : Destination Wedding, Candid Wedding, Couple and Bridal Portraits

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The Photo Diary


Augmented with airiness and vintage image-making style, this immensely talented photographer is truly an expert in telling stories visually. The Photo diary believes in the art of reconnoitering human emotions and in scripting it in the form of colorful and monochrome images which becomes a source of joy in the present and nostalgia in the future.

Genres : Destination Wedding, Candid Wedding, Couple Portraits, Indian Wedding, Christian Wedding

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Retina Charmer Productions

New Delhi

Retina Charmer Photography became operational in 2008 and is owned by Navin Kumar & Harshvardhan who were born and brought up in Delhi They love to travel and have clicked many photographs which have so far made their way to news agencies, magazines, publications, art galleries and most importantly to the hearts of the people. As of today it has become their obsession to experience the world and a passion to capture the visual masterpieces of the gifts which the nature has blessed us with.

Genres : Destination Wedding, Candid Wedding, Couple Portraits, Catholic Wedding

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Anup J Kat


Anup J Kat is known for his unique, edgy, humorous, dramatic takes on weddings. Based in Bangalore, Anup J Kat shoots weddings in destinations and venues all around the world.

Genres : Destination Wedding, Hindu Wedding, Candid Wedding, Theme Wedding

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Rohith Ravi Photography


Specialists at shooting weddings, especially destination weddings, Rohith Ravi Photography has shot in a variety of conditions and locations like beach sunsets, forests, majestic temple complexes and lavish hotels. Everywhere, the images stand out in their warmth, intimacy and majesty.

Genres : Destination Wedding, Hindu Wedding, Candid Wedding, Pre-wedding

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Edric George Photography


Romantic, exuberant, lively, innovative, Edric George’s Photography is all of this and more. Destination wedding photography specialists based in Salcet, Goa, Edric George Photography excels in shooting in all manners of locations and have won many prestigious photography awards.

Genres : Destination Wedding, Hindu Wedding, Christian Wedding, Concept Wedding, Fashion

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Mark Swaroop Photography


As a leading destination wedding photographer, Mark Swaroop has shot striking, imaginative and artistic images in the most surreal venues, from Rajasthan all the way down to Kerala. Mark believes that being part of someone’s big day is a special thing and his work has made him many friends for life.

Genres : Destination Wedding, Hindu Wedding, Christian Wedding, Candid Wedding, Theme Wedding

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Rahul de Cunha Pictures


Rahul De Cunha says he loves every aspect of weddings, from the frenzied rush of the bharaat to the reflective quiet of a bride dressing up or the restless energy of a bridegroom rehearsing his vows. That love shines through in the refreshingly candid, natural, lively images he shoots in a variety of destinations around India.

Genres : Destination Wedding, Hindu Wedding, Christian Wedding, Candid Wedding, Couple Portraits

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Photo Pundit


Photo Pundit are destination wedding specialists with experience in shooting joyous, colourful, exuberant images at a variety of locations and venues. Based in Goa, Photo Pundit shoots all over India.

Genres : Destination Wedding, Hindu Wedding, Christian Wedding, Engagements, Pre-wedding

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From stunning heritage properties to sandy beaches, destination wedding specialists Shaadigrapher have shot it all, and the results are gorgeous, spontaneous and vibrant.

Genres : Destination Wedding, Hindu Wedding, Christian Wedding, Engagements, Pre-wedding

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The Wed Cafe by Rajesh Luthra


Delhi based destination wedding specialists, Rajesh Luthra Photography believe that photographic accomplishments come when the craft is “driven by passion, sculpted with love, and finished with care.” Their goal is to make a difference to the field and also to clients for whom the wedding is going to be the most precious occasion of their lives.

Genres : Destination Wedding, Hindu Wedding, Christian Wedding, Candid Wedding, Bridal Portraits

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Top Destination Photographers in India

Destination weddings are in with more and more couples opting for this to make their special day a truly memorable one. Planning a wedding away from your home ground can be exciting but stressful at the same time. This is why you should choose an experienced destination wedding photographer to capture all your memories. 

Once you find the right person, it is important to sit down with them and discuss all aspects of the wedding. List out any specific photographs you want clicked and chalk out other details. The destination wedding photography segment is still evolving in our country and finding a knowledgeable professional can be difficult.

Irrespective of the city, choosing someone who is local to the area or familiar with the place, might be a good idea since they will know their way around the place. They are sure to know the best spots in the region for some great wedding photographs. But if you are worried that they might not be good enough, go through a list of the best destination wedding photographers in India and shortlist a few. 

Check with family and friends for reviews and if the destination wedding photographer of your choice lives in your vicinity, just take him along instead of looking for some stranger in a strange town. Include some pre and post wedding photos to provide a complete compendium of the entire event.