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“ A Good Photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart, and leaves the Viewer a changed person for having seen it - Irving Penn ”

Events Portfolio


Weddings are arranged, planned and organised with great care. All the details big or small - from the bridal jewellery and the flowers, right down to the placemats are fussed over months in advance. But what makes a wedding truly unique is the people who are at the centre of it and their loved ones.

The candid moments, the impromptu gestures, emotions and bubbling joy – these details are unrehearsed and truly beautiful. Expert wedding photographers with an eye for detail and a flair for Indian wedding photography string together the special moments of your wedding. Opt for a creative wedding photographer to frame the best memories of your special day.


Babies are an endless source of fascination – they’re experiencing the world for the first time and their reactions are unique and unadulterated. Capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments with the best in babies and kids photographers in the industry.

A baby photographer will be able to capture the best of your little bundle whether it’s in their natural setting or in a studio set-up. Experts in baby language and baby photography – these professionals know all the tricks to coaxing out that million-dollar smile from your child.

Fashion & Portfolio

Fashion is about more than a pretty face and cutting-edge style. With the best fashion photographers in the business, you will be able to express your personality to breeze your way through to every audition. Focusing on the right moments and getting the best of you on paper is what fashion and portfolio photographers excel at.

The abilities of a fashion photographer are best judged by their abilities to play with light, their expertise with framing and their talent at capturing that winning smile. Browse through the best in fashion photography portfolios and choose the style that you connect with best.


Product photography involves high levels of technical skill. Incorporating interesting angles, the right amount of focus, the ideal props and the perfect background are all essential. With a flair for imagination and attention to detail, the sparkle of jewellery, the glint of a sleek car and the fresh colour of groceries can be captured with a lens.

Top food photographers can elevate the stature of a product by invoking a sense of symbolism. Hint at the right connotations one can almost feel the softness of a chocolate cupcake and smell the rich scent of coffee from a steaming cup. Browse through this collection of commercial photography portfolios and choose from the best photographers for your needs.

Special Occasion

A professional photographer is able to capture the best moments of your special event - be it an engagement, a new arrival or even an anniversary. No matter how big or small - your favourite occasions can be retold through a series of beautiful, candid photographs.

Capture the off-record moments and happy smiles with the right filters to showcase your loved ones in the best light. With the creative use of light and angles, photographers at Canvera are able to recreate your special events. Choose an event photographer to put together a lovely set of memories for you to look back on.

Corporate Events

A corporate event is peppered with excitement – from star appearances to awards of recognition, there’s something for everyone. Those skilled in the art of corporate event photography are able to click every facet of your event. Quick with their lens and light on their feet, these professional photographers are able to capture the significance of your event.

Through this art of creative corporate photography, you will be able to capture the milestones of your company in the best light. Corporate photographers are also skilled in the framing and composition of corporate portraits.


An interest in cultures and traditions of the world is inherent to the field of travel photography. A talented travel photographer is able to convey the rich heritage of the culture through inspirational photographs and brilliant compositions.

A well-framed photograph is able to transport the viewer to the specific time and place that the photograph was taken. Top travel photographers in India are able to capture exhilarating landscapes, interesting portraits of people and artistic compositions of indigenous heritage. Immerse yourselves in a series of different worlds via the portfolios of our travel photographers.

Nature & Wildlife

Nothing can compare to the quiet beauty of a green grove of trees, the golden radiance of a sunset or the poise of a soaring eagle. But the top nature photographers aim to capture nature in all its brilliance. With great patience and the right lens, an expert nature photographer is able to outline the intricate detail in the shell of a mollusc and capture the busy movements of a row of ants.

Quick thinking and an eye for perspective give the best wildlife photographers the ability to photograph regal wild cats in their own environment and highlight the beauty of nature in the midst of a hectic city. Stop to smell the roses – browse through the best nature photography portfolios here.