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Make a baby book

In the Age of the Smartphone, there is almost an onslaught on social media of baby photos from friends and family – many of them looking cute only to the parent who shares them! Till about 20 years ago, it was common practice to take children to the studios and get a pro photo shoot done, something that went into the family album. While that era is now lost with everyone who has a phone and a few filters handy...


Exciting changes to the Photobook Website: Improved Photographer branding & enhanced UI/UX

A few months back (in June 2013), we launched a very exciting feature with our Photobooks. We took the Canvera Photobook experience to a whole new dimension – a dimension that has no limits. Each book that we ship now, comes with a website of its own! If you have not see one yet, check this out. Passcode: 25184b This last weekend we gave a complete facelift to this offering. As you can see, it is a password protected...


How to identify a genuine Canvera Photobook

We take great pride in creating one of the best photobooks in the world. Unfortunately our reputation for quality has led to duplicates and fake Canvera products in the market. We have come to know of many cases where consumers have been sold counterfeit Canvera products! We are taking strict legal action against such manufacturers and we will vigorously protect our brand. If you have received a Canvera product and are not sure if it is genuine or not, please...


And thus Vivyo was born

Special pictures deserve a special place. We at Canvera constantly think about ways to improve the way special pictures are presented. Our effort on this front hopefully shows in our printed products. Starting from the quality of the book itself, to the packaging and the supporting services, we try and make the entire experience something that will please our clients. While printed products have that timeless charm and romance, these days its also very important to be able to share...


Breath of fresh air with Lytro’s funding

Earlier today a $50M investment was announced in Lytro a company that wants to fundamentally change how pictures are taken. Click here for the announcement on TechCrunch. The TechCrunch article captures my cynicism with the recent spate of VC investments worldwide when it says “This is also the company for anyone who thinks Silicon Valley has fallen into a rut of innovation-less posing. And it’s the company for anyone who complains that the Valley is more about media and marketing...


The Canvera Technology Engine

In my previous post, I had stated the mission of Canvera Technology; to bring out technology enabled products and services that allow people to preserve and cherish their memories in innovative and exciting ways. In this post, I would like to shed some light on the engine that makes it all possible, and how this engine is shaping up. Also a sneak peek at a new online product that we are close to releasing. Canvera is powered by 6 software product...

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