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Plan a retro wedding… here’s how!

Plan a retro wedding… here’s how! Old is in and retro or vintage themed parties are all the rage… so why not jump on the fashion wagon and plan your wedding to go with the current trend? Here are some simple ways to go retro. Choose the period: How old do you want to go? This may be dictated by what you can get your hand on easily – research the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and pick the decade that you...


New things for the New Year! 3 cool things photographers should try out this year…

New things for the New Year! 3 cool things photographers should try out this year… Drone photography: Forget selfie-sticks, the latest raging trend is to use drones for wide-angle top view shots like never before. Drone photography has been big abroad for a few years, but in India only a few people use it as of now – get with the trend and get there first. Use drones to photograph weddings, interiors, fashion or travel experiences and get wow results…...


The season’s latest colour trends

The season’s latest colour trends It’s wedding season and the time where you must stand out from the crowd – even if you are not the bride. But not just for the weddings and related functions, December is also the month when festivities reach their peak with the year going to end, and parties galore… Not just for Christmas and New Years Eve, each time you step out this season, make sure you are wearing the right colour – or...


Guest post: What editors want in bridal shoots By Kalyani Prasher

Guest post: What editors want in bridal shoots By Kalyani Prasher There are hundreds of bridal and wedding magazines in the market and in a dying industry these are some of the businesses that are still doing well. Lots of magazines means lots of content needed so wedding photographers are in business… if you get the following stuff right.



Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays… these are some of the occasions we tend to mark with celebrations, but big occasions come around too infrequently, don’t they? Once or twice a year is too little to celebrate yourself and your family so why not do something fun without an occasion? Mark a random day: Decide that it’s date night on the 13th of every month or 24th – pick any day as a day of celebration and take your partner out without the...


Get with the latest photography trends!

So the walls of your home have photos of your children, and those precious albums in your cupboard (or computer) are from your wedding days… but why stop there? Consider freezing frames from other life occasions for posterity – and these don’t even have to be momentous or traditional! Think out of the box, or just go with the trends already out there. Honeymoon: You wouldn’t think it very romantic to take a photographer along on your honeymoon but it...

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