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Zoom Into The New Canvera Experience!

Zoom Into The New Canvera Experience! Yes a picture is worth a thousand words but all too often, photographs are damaged, lost and forgotten. This is where Canvera comes in to help you preserve your happiest memories through stunningly designed, immaculately crafted, photobooks.  The unique photobooks allow you to dip into your memories whenever the mood comes upon you to relive the good times…


Canvera launches mobile app

In the rapidly evolving world of Indian wedding photography Canvera has earned itself a reputation as a technology company that is consistently ahead of the curve. This month, Canvera pushes its award-winning photobook business to the next level by launching the Canvera mobile app. Available on iOS and Android, the app provides both photographers and consumers unprecedented levels of secure access to their Canvera Photobooks, turning the smartphone or tablet into a convenient, portable showcase for their special memories. Users...


Exciting changes to the Photobook Website: Improved Photographer branding & enhanced UI/UX

A few months back (in June 2013), we launched a very exciting feature with our Photobooks. We took the Canvera Photobook experience to a whole new dimension – a dimension that has no limits. Each book that we ship now, comes with a website of its own! If you have not see one yet, check this out. Passcode: 25184b This last weekend we gave a complete facelift to this offering. As you can see, it is a password protected...

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