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Canvera’s first tweetup: Report

So we had our first official Canvera tweetup this last Fri at the Canvera office in Bangalore. Much thanks to Kshitiz Anand (@kshitiz), Pramod Viswanath (@PramodViswanath), Anil Rangan (@anilrangan), Vivek Muthuramalingam (@drvivekm) and Vijay Raj (@msigeek ) for taking time out of their busy schedules to spend time with us. A few of them have even been kind enough to write a small report on this meeting that I have reproduced below. As a company we are deeply interested in...


Tweetup at Canvera’s Bangalore office

We’d like to informally meet with photographers for two reasons: Educate a little about Canvera: Our history, values, background of the people etc. We’ll also give a behind-the-scenes look on how we operate – this will include a tour of our production facility and our design center We’d like to hear from photographers about their challenges and issues Who should come: Photographers interested to learn about  Canvera and engage with us about the industry Where: Canvera HO (which includes our...


Building a Brand by Building Trust

This post first appeared on the VCCircle blog here ————– One of the biggest challenges faced by any startup in any part of the world is earning customer trust at scale. Different economies offer different types of challenges; some of the challenges can be overcome by good execution, good timing and intelligent allocation of capital but some are out of the control of individual companies and depend more on the operating environment. Having lived most of adult life in the...


Hidden costs of starting up a business in India

A version of this article first appeared on the VCCircle blog here —————————— It has now been 3+ years since Canvera got started and we have in this time grown to ~500 people across 8 offices. Needless to say this has been a phenomenal journey where we have serviced the needs of thousands of professional photographers (and by extension 100s of thousands of consumers) all over the country. In fact, there probably is no better time to start a business...


Why the name “Canvera”?

Well, firstly “.com” was available! That’s always good 🙂 But more than that in the one year Peeyush and I took to raise money we talked a lot about our experiences and where we thought technology in general and Digital Imaging (Photography & Video) in particular were going. What we are seeing today is that across categories, technology is allowing consumers to be who they are and is unleashing the long tail of creativity and personal expression. Today platforms provide...


Hello World!

I guess it was about time that we blogged about all that is happening with Canvera so let me kick this off with a salute to Peeyush and my engineering roots with a “Hello World!” It has been a crazy fabulous journey for us so far and I hope to share news/learnings/thoughts with you on this blog. In this post let me give you a quick background on how we got started and some highlights since then. We met Sun,...

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