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Have a wedding venue business? Here’s how to showcase it better.

There’s only one certain thing in this day and age: people have seen too much of the same stuff and everyone’s looking for something different. However, in trying to be different, sometimes we can get things very wrong. If you run a wedding venue business (owner/designer/planner), it’s important to keep two things in mind – first, that the wedding venue is after all meant to be a more traditional space and not a party venue and secondly, there is a very...



Everyone in the hotel business knows now that to be taken seriously you must have a website – from the north-east to the highest reaches of the Himalayas, every small hotel will have a site from where you can reach the hotel for bookings, if not book directly. So, for a traveller browsing the internet in Bangalore, looking for stay options in Cherrapunjee, what sets one hotel apart from the other? “I mostly go by the way it looks frankly,”...

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