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Get with the colour trends this season!

Get with the colour trends this season! Wondering which colour to wear for your wedding? Thinking of getting something exciting for the upcoming wedding in the family? Here are some of the trendiest colours this season – from the unconventional blues to the more traditional oranges, there is a wide enough range to suit everyone from the wild experimenter to the sober but fashionable.


Why I love my job – reason #3: Craft of on-demand book publishing

As a lot of you know one of the key printed products Canvera does are high-end coffee-table-books/photobooks. I was very lucky to be part of the core R&D team at Shutterfly when photobooks were first introduced into the market. If you step back and think about pre-internet you will come to appreciate how difficult (prohibitively expensive) it would be to create a single printed copy of a a book. In traditional book publishing, plates are created, printers are setup, clients...


Why I love my job – reason #1 (of N): Colour Science

In Dec this year I will complete 20 years working in the field of imaging – the first 9 years were spent in academia and the last 10 years in the industry. I can say unequivocally that I love what I do and it is probably THE main reason I’ve managed to stay within this domain. The  business of imaging/photography brings together so many diverse disciplines that there is never a dull moment and a constant need to keep learning....

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