Give new life to old family photos.

how to restore old photos
how to digitize old photos

Your granddad when he was a dashing young bachelor. Your mom looking like a movie star. There’s something magical about crumbling, yellow prints in the old family album. Part of their charm lies in the fact that they show us times that have gone by and can’t be brought back. But the photos can!

At Canvera, we love vintage photos and will take you through the process step by step.



The first step is to digitise. For that, a flatbed scanner is your best friend. Gather your photos and scan away. Remember to set the resolution to 300dpi beforehand.

old photo restoration software

Don’t have a scanner? But you do. There are loads of iOS and Andriod apps that turn your smartphone into a mobile scanning device. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, use your phone camera to take a photo of the photo.

Just remember to shoot in ample natural light, and zoom in and check the image afterwards for blurs resulting from a shaky camera. Keep it steady!

Touch-up and upload

Use the in-app or in-camera editing software to crop out frayed edges, if any. You can also choose a monochrome filter to get rid of the yellow tint old photographs take on. Or not. Think of it as natural sepia.

Alternatively the Canvera image uploader has a host of editing options and filters that allow you to fine tune your images.

how to restore old photos

Either way, once you are done, upload and order your prints. Or posters. Or canvases. Choose the one you think grandma will like best. Then sit back and wait for Family Photos 2.0 to get delivered at your doorstep.

New-age ideas for your old photos

how to organize old photos

Dedicate a wall to your vintage photos. Put them up framed, or unframed. Use a mix of prints, posters and canvases

best way to scan photos to digital

Your new old photos will make wonderful gifts. Your family will appreciate the effort you put in resurrecting these old gems long given up for lost. Go spread the joy.

scan old photos to digital

Compile your family’s history in a stunning new Youbook. Or try a Sharebook with perforated pages. Gather the family, pull out your sharebook, and let everyone have a page. Make it epic!

Do it your way

Got a great vintage photo idea that’s all your own? We want to see it! Post a picture on FB or Instagram with hashtag #Yougraphy and share the joy!

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