Monthly Archive: May 2017


Turn Your Kid’s Summer Camp Licks Into Fun Memories!

For the kids, summer stands for fun and play. And if there is a summer camp, then it is a big party. We all know what happens where all the kids gather, right? Lots of great click-worthy moments – which HAVE to be PHOTOGRAPHED! (It’s a rule, we’re serious.)   The photos of summer camp are precious & fun memories. They can easily be turned into wonderful room décor ideas for your munchkin.   Here are some interesting things that...


Give new life to old family photos.

Your granddad when he was a dashing young bachelor. Your mom looking like a movie star. There’s something magical about crumbling, yellow prints in the old family album. Part of their charm lies in the fact that they show us times that have gone by and can’t be brought back. But the photos can! At Canvera, we love vintage photos and will take you through the process step by step. Digitise   The first step is to digitise. For that,...


From your phone to your wall. Get gorgeous gallery level prints from your photos in three easy steps.

Got memory cards full of great photos that you’ve always wanted to print and put up, or give away as gifts, but never found the time to? Well, we have news for you. Turn your phone, DSLR, Instagram and Facebook images into top-notch, pro-quality prints on a variety of imported paper types, fine art canvases and more. Super quick and hassle free. Doorstep delivery. Order in three easy-as-pie steps. Step 1 Shoot! Selfies. Portraits of your buddies. Your family. Your...

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