Turn your house into a home with a family wall.

There are two reasons why family walls are all the rage the world over. Firstly, it’s a uniquely personalised way of doing up your place. Secondly, what better way to show a loved one what they mean to you than let them chance across their picture on your wall?

Here are a few simple ideas to get you started on a family wall of your own.

Fill it up

photo wall ideas


family photo frame ideas

Make a family wall as ginormous as your extended family. Use prints of all sizes. Mix landscape, square and portrait formats. Get a combination of dark and light frames. Use formal portraits, holiday snapshots, get-

together photos. Keep it busy, diverse and dynamic. Give it a shot here. We have over 12 print sizes to choose from.

Be orderly

Alternatively, you could go the other way, and make a beautifully symmetrical family wall. Simply use square prints of the same size and similar colour tonality. This approach works especially well if the space you are covering is not exactly square. The triangular gap over a staircase works beautifully. Call it the family steps.

Depth and texture

Mix up thin frames and thicker mounted canvases of different sizes to give a 3D feel to your family wall.

photo decoration ideas


Frameless and Informal

Take simple prints and string them up like streamers using these nifty Rope and Clip display kits. They look festive and awesome.

photo wall ideas without frames


Family Corner

Don’t have a whole wall to spare? Devote a cosy corner in each room. Match the photos’ tones to your wall paint. Add a colour matched prop, and your corners are all cheery, like family get-togethers.

photo collage ideas for wall


Do it your way

Got a great family wall idea that’s all your own? We want to see it! Post a picture on FB or Instagram with hashtag #Yougraphy and share the joy!

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