How to plan a destination wedding without going crazy!

How to plan a destination wedding without going crazy!

Destination weddings are all the rage but planning them can be a sheer nightmare considering the venue, décor, food etc are all out of your immediate control. Not everyone has the budget to go five star, so here are some tips to manage being trendy without much fuss.

Keep it small: First things first – you cannot have 1,000, or even 500 people at a wedding in another location without things going out of control. Keep the guest list as small as possible… we would recommend you don’t go over 200 people, in fact try for 100. A good way to keep your guest list short is to give everyone the option to pay for their own flight and hotel – that way, only the people who care enough about you will arrive! Secretly you can pay for close family and friends of course.

Go tried-and-tested: Don’t shoot in the dark. Don’t go by other people’s experiences. Don’t go by online recommendations. Choose a hotel and destination that you have personally been to before, like, and want to return to. A venue that is far from where you live can only work if you completely trust the people – and once you decide to trust the people, do just that and stop micro-managing.

Send an advance party you trust: Best friend and a parent is the perfect combination of people to send in advance to take care of the all the nitty-gritties that you are particularly fussy about. They should get to the destination at least two days in advance so there is time to correct anything you feel is severely wrong.

Don’t aim for perfection: Aim for fun, not picture-perfect. If it all works out as planned, that’s a bonus! But if everyone comes out of it alive, happy and full of beautiful memories, that’s good enough. The most important thing is for you to realise that there is no such thing as a perfectly smooth wedding and there will be hassles and last-minute glitches even if you were in town – so just relax and go with the flow.

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