The beautiful rituals of a Maharashtrian wedding

The beautiful rituals of a Maharashtrian wedding

The latest in our series of showcasing regional wedding ceremonies, the Maharashtrian wedding is one of the simplest and least fussy ceremonies in India with most of the rituals performed early morning.

Sakhar Puda: The ritual of giving the bride something sweet by the groom’s family, along with a sari and some gifts, this formalises the marriage – something like an engagement.

Kelvan: A small puja offering to the local kuldevta, this puja is performed both at the bride and the groom homes and is usually followed by lunch.

Halad Chadavane: The haldi ritual is not just for the bride – like in some other parts of the country. Here even the groom is applied haldi on the morning of the ceremony. Some people combine this with Kelvan.

Antarpat: This is a truly beautiful moment in the rituals where a shawl is used to keep the man and woman from seeing each other. The bride’s maternal uncle takes the bride to the holy fire where prayers and vows are recited only after which the shawl-purdah is removed. Garlands are exchanged once the bride and groom see each other “for the first time”, and rice is showered on them as blessings from family and friends.

Kanyadaan: After this the couple asks for the parent’s permission to get married and the groom ties the mangalsutra to his bride and applies sindoor. She applies sandalwood tilak on his forehead and the hawan and pheras around the sacred fire take place.

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