Take better holiday photographs… here’s how!

Take better holiday photographs… here’s how!

When you travel, you aren’t really thinking of much beyond enjoying the moment and the photos you take are mostly just to share your experiences on social media… but why not spend a little thought and take better photos? Not only can you later get these photos framed and put up in your home, but better pictures mean more likes and shares on social media! Some tips:

Don’t make it all about you: All photos needn’t have you smiling into the camera… make sure you get some without you and just the scenery or monuments.

But don’t leave yourself out entirely: People on your FB wall want to see you (else you should delete them!) – especially your far-flung family members – so make sure you are at least in some photos. And not just selfies, because they don’t really show the place you are visiting, get your companion or someone at your location to take a nice full photo of yourself.

Tell a story: Don’t just put up 10 photos of the same beach – choose a few different pictures representing the whole experience you had at a particular place. The place is beautiful, that people can see, but hearing about your experience there will make it that much more personal and hence more beautiful!

Stand with the light on you: A simple thing that people forget is that if the sun is behind you, you will be in the dark – so make sure you stand with the sunlight on you, with you facing the sun or any light source in the evening. Don’t look directly into the sun though, or the photo will come all squinty-eyed… a fool-proof way to make sure you look good even with the harshest of light on you is to wear sunglasses!

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