Anoli & Arjun: A Dream Wedding

Anoli & Arjun: A Dream Wedding

I am a fashion designer, I’ve been in the industry for about eight years now, and Arjun works for his family-run pharmaceutical and healthcare business along with having his own IT company.


How we met: It was arranged. An aunt of ours wanted us to meet and really insisted on it. Since both of us were traveling then, it kept getting delayed and we finally met on the 15th of Jan 2016. Somehow both of us always had this “this is going to be it” vibe about each other even before we met. He came down to see me in Ahmedabad on 15th which was during the Kite Flying festival which is a big thing in Gujarat. We had lunch together and I took him to a friend’s terrace for kite flying and the whole Sankranti experience. By the end of the day itself, in our heads it was a ‘yes’ for the both of us, but we never said it to each other or anyone around us because no one would take us seriously since we barely knew each other for a day! Following that, we met a few more times in Mumbai and Ahmedabad and guess what was meant to happen happened. It felt like we’ve known each other for ages. The whole journey felt absolutely effortless, we just fit somehow.

He lives between Mumbai, Dubai and Nigeria because of work; it was while he was in Dubai that he proposed. He’d planned the whole thing with a friend of mine and it came as a big surprise to me. They told me we were going for someone’s sundowner on a yacht – some random story – and I bought all of it for some reason! It was only when we reached the Dubai Marina Yacht Club did I get to know that he and I were the only ones going to this sundowner on a yacht. He went down on his knees right in front of the Burj al Arab and it was truly magical! That moment where you actually start believing that fairytales do come true…

About the wedding venue 

Both of us wanted a destination with good weather and some place that’d be convenient for all guests and elders in the family. We instantly fell in love with the property, Ananta Resorts, Udaipur, the first time we visited it. Laid out beautifully over a hill, it had enough rooms to accommodate all our guests. I’ve always had this thing of getting married on a hillside or a beach which was all taken care of!

Names of the wedding planner, makeup artiste and other key professionals

Wedding planner – 7x weddings Ahmedabad

Decor designer – Krutika Bolaki

Photographers – The Photo Diary

Videogaphers – The Photo Diary


An overview of the various wedding functions (decor, themes etc.) and any interesting anecdotes

Being a designer myself, I was very picky about how I wanted every event to look like, and the details of the smallest thing. Everything had a minimal yet creative feel to it. The venue itself was extremely beautiful so we didn’t want to go overboard on decor and take away from the natural beauty of the place.


Clothes for different functions


Ahmedabad pre-wedding reception – one of my own creations – Label Anoli Shah

Make up artiste – Ulupi Parikh

Sangeet – Shantanu & Nikhil

Sangeet HMU – Claire Marrinan

Pool Party – Sahil Kocchar

HMU – Ojas Rajani

Sufi/Qawwali – Rahul Mishra

HMU – Ojas Rajani

Wedding – my own label Anoli Shah

HMU – Ojas Rajani

Ballroom Dinner – Shantanu & Nikhil

HMU – Ojas Rajani

Mumbai Reception – Sabyasachi Mukherjee

HMU – Kapil Bhalla


Ahmedabad pre-wedding reception – Jade Blue

Sangeet – Shantanu & Nikhil

Sufi/Qawali – Shantanu & Nikhil

Wedding – Rohit Bal

Ball room dinner – SS Homme


About my lehenga – I’ve always wanted a traditional red colour for my wedding outfit. My lehenga was inspired by the arches of the palaces in Rajasthan. It features key elements that are also very Rajasthani – like the elephant, royal gardens, peacocks, lotuses  and so on. I wanted my lehenga to be a celebration of the rich embroidery from different parts of our diverse country that I have loved and used in different collections of mine over the last few years.  Every motif in the lehenga is executed using a different embroidery technique. The embroidery styles include Marodi, Aari, Pita among others. Arjun wore a chic white dhoti-kurta set by Rohit Bal, and a dark brown safa (turban).

Wedding planning tips and advice for couples getting married

Don’t micro-manage things and kill yourself over small things. The most important thing is for you and everyone around to have a good time – nothing else matters more. Delegate and let family members or professionals take care of your dream wedding. All the stress is totally avoidable.

A little about the photographers and videographers – why did you chose ‘The Photo Diary‘ and what did you think about the wedding photos and video they delivered to you

Both of us wanted someone who’s not a conventional wedding photographer. We also didn’t want clichés… We clicked instantly with Monisha ;  she really understood the fun carefree vibe we wanted for the coverage of the wedding and no-one could’ve done a better job than what they did.

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