Get inspired by Holi… let colour into your life!

Get inspired by Holi… let colour into your life!

Remember that advertisement campaign run by a paint company years ago that went with the tagline: Whenever you see colour think of us… It revolutionised the way people thought of something as staid as wall paint. It also reinterpreted ‘colour’ for all times to come.

Take inspiration from these beautiful frames clicked during the Festival of Colours and let in more colour into your life. Follow your passion, live your dream, dare to break fresh ground…An unusual Holi frame… This lovely couple are not applying gulal on each other nor is he spraying her with his pitchkari, filmy style. They are instead blowing at palmfuls of colour – so evocative is this imagery that one can almost smell the fragrance of gulal that fills the air. In the second photo, the camera catches the couple spending a relaxed moment together – only the photo is not of their faces! So many nuances of colour.

This foreign guest refused to be parted with her hat and glasses – caught unawares here. Candid lenseye. Let life catch you unawares sometimes… Everything planned to the last detail robs it of drama, of excitement… of colour.

As we often see in Holi celebrations, colours are at their best when they mingle naturally, creating a delicious, original canvas. Sometimes we miss out the good things; we may miss smelling the roses, the whimsical rainbow when we are on too structured a path…

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