The beautiful rituals of a… Tamil Wedding!

The beautiful rituals of a… Tamil Wedding!

There are a host of rituals and ceremonies that are conducted before and during a Tamil wedding, of which the most significant are…

Panda Kaal Muhurtham: A pre-wedding ritual where the families of the bride and groom pray for the successful culmination of the wedding ceremony itself! This involves a small puja, the breaking of coconut that is deemed auspicious, and welcoming the groom into the family by the bride’s side.

Mangala Snanam: Both the bride and groom take a purifying bath (separately of course!) on the day of the wedding. This is the north Indian version of haldi – where haldi is applied but not just to the woman, to the man as well, and both are then washed by the family to signify that they have been made pure for the wedding ceremony.

Kashi Yatra: An amusing ritual, this involves the groom mock threatening to renounce the world and go on a pilgrimage – he is even dressed the part complete with a walking stick! – but as he sets off, the bride’s father intervenes and pleads with him not to go, promising him his daughter. The groom relents and heads to the mandap!

Oonjal: After exchanging of garlands, the couple is made to sit on a swing and given milk and bananas to eat. During Oonjal, often some traditional songs are sung along.
After this, the bride’s father gives away the bride in the Kanyadanam ceremony followed by Muhurtum, where the groom puts the mangalsutra and sindoor on his bride…

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