Plan a retro wedding… here’s how!

Plan a retro wedding… here’s how!

Old is in and retro or vintage themed parties are all the rage… so why not jump on the fashion wagon and plan your wedding to go with the current trend? Here are some simple ways to go retro.

Choose the period: How old do you want to go? This may be dictated by what you can get your hand on easily – research the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and pick the decade that you feel you can pull together and carry off too.

How much: Do you want to extend the theme from invitation card to thank-you gifts? Or do you want to keep it to one function of the wedding? Or do you want to only go retro on the outfit – choose carefully what you feel you can manage without going nuts. The worst thing would be to do the theme badly, so if you want to go the whole hog then start the planning well in advance.

Use technology: There are millions of websites that help you with vintage and period designs for wedding invitation cards as well as décor ideas – you can use these sites for old style fonts and borders, or just hire a wedding planner to do the whole thing for you if your budget allows.

Venue: Choosing the right venue is half the deal won here – a retro wedding in a minimalist futuristic looking building will not go well! Choose an old leafy bungalow or beach side location, or – best of all – a Raj-era hotel for the occasion so that it’s easier to extend the theme visually.

Outfit: Last but not the least, the outfit! For an Indian wedding thankfully, this is not so difficult. Most of our cultures wear a variation of traditional outfits – be it sari or sherwani or a wedding gown – and all you need to do is turn back the dial and look up photos of your grandmother’s wedding to replicate the clothes!

Once you have planned everything, you can get in touch with us to photograph and turn your beautiful wedding into a memorybook! Browse through to know more.

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