Monthly Archive: February 2017


Plan a retro wedding… here’s how!

Plan a retro wedding… here’s how! Old is in and retro or vintage themed parties are all the rage… so why not jump on the fashion wagon and plan your wedding to go with the current trend? Here are some simple ways to go retro. Choose the period: How old do you want to go? This may be dictated by what you can get your hand on easily – research the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and pick the decade that you...


Make use of your archives!

Make use of your archives! All photographers save lots of extra photos from every shoot for their archive – but how many of us actually use anything from the archives? The archive is not just for the time someone needs a photo of Jaisalmer and you dig out an old photo from a shoot 10 years ago – no, in fact that is not likely to work because cities change a lot in ten years, but there are other clever...

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