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Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays… these are some of the occasions we tend to mark with celebrations, but big occasions come around too infrequently, don’t they? Once or twice a year is too little to celebrate yourself and your family so why not do something fun without an occasion? Mark a random day: Decide that it’s date night on the 13th of every month or 24th – pick any day as a day of celebration and take your partner out without the...


Kirti Weds Rushi – And the Magic Continues: Guest Post by Radhika Pandit

Destination weddings are in rage nowadays. There is something incredibly romantic in the idea of tying the knot at an exotic seaside town or a beautiful hill-station where nature is at its bountiful best. The gorgeous surroundings automatically transform the mood of an otherwise serious Indian wedding to a relaxed and dreamy affair, where two love-birds promise to be together for the rest of their lives. If you are also considering a destination wedding for yourself or a near and...


Q&A with ace photographer…. Amit Sharma!

Q&A with ace photographer…. Amit Sharma! Canvera Team: If you are starting out today, how tough is it to break into the big scene for a photographer? Amit Sharma: It’s relatively easy to become a photographer these days as the technology is accessible at a very low cost and the learning curve has also become quite short. But making it in the big scene is equally difficult as there are many, many photographers and there is a lot of competition....



In the days I worked with India Today’s travel magazine (all those 3650 days since I worked there for more than 10 years!), my email was always choked by unsolicited submissions and pitches from travel writers and photographers. (Here you see some photos I clicked using a simple camera during my travels.) This was great. I am not one of those people who sneer at new and unknown talent before checking them out – my position carried the duty to encourage...


Get with the latest photography trends!

So the walls of your home have photos of your children, and those precious albums in your cupboard (or computer) are from your wedding days… but why stop there? Consider freezing frames from other life occasions for posterity – and these don’t even have to be momentous or traditional! Think out of the box, or just go with the trends already out there. Honeymoon: You wouldn’t think it very romantic to take a photographer along on your honeymoon but it...


Have a wedding venue business? Here’s how to showcase it better.

There’s only one certain thing in this day and age: people have seen too much of the same stuff and everyone’s looking for something different. However, in trying to be different, sometimes we can get things very wrong. If you run a wedding venue business (owner/designer/planner), it’s important to keep two things in mind – first, that the wedding venue is after all meant to be a more traditional space and not a party venue and secondly, there is a very...

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