Monthly Archive: January 2016


Top 10 tips on Sports Photography from a Pro

Catching a surfer on a wave just before the crest falls, capturing the strength and tension in a climber’s fingers as they grip the edge of rock – conveying this excitement, drama and emotion is what Extreme Sports Photography is. Whether it is capturing a skateboarder in action at the park, a mountain biker navigating the terrain or a skier on the slopes, Extreme Sports Photography is about getting close and using creative angles to capture the action of the moment. The best photographs...


Photographing a Path to New Life

A growing photography trend, maternity photo shoots are ideal for expectant mothers to capture every moment of their intimate experience. Couples these days are inspired and excited to welcome their pregnancy and impending child birth. Being more comfortable with their growing bodies, they are inspired to document their journey towards parenthood. We are presenting here the story and the intricate details of a beautiful maternity photo session of Amy, captured by Devasyah Studios.  Devasyah Studios is a premier photography studio that excels in maternity shoots...

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