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8 Tips To Make Your Wedding Photographs Flawless

Your wedding needs the perfect photographs to go with it. So ensure that you capture the happiest day of your life with the right frames and aesthetics. An expert in the field of wedding photography, Chandru Bharathy from Focuz Studios gives you pointers for a picture perfect Wedding Day. Create flawless memories that last a lifetime by avoiding these common practices. 1. Couple Shoot And The Associated Problems Every reception/wedding event stretches to a minimum of 4-5 hours. The bride...


5 reasons to go for a pre-wedding photoshoot

Image Credit: Lakshya Manwani Photography Pre-wedding photography is a swiftly emerging trend in India, with more and more couples setting aside a day prior to their big event to spend in front of the lens. Here’s why. Get Familiar A pre-wedding shoot is a great risk-free opportunity for you and your photographer to get to know each other. After the shoot, you will have a good idea of your photographer’s style and strengths. He/She, on the other hand, will learn about...


10 Tips For Stress Free Getting Ready Session

Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life, but it comes with its pressures. For it is not every day that you are called upon to be the centre of attention, the loveliest maiden in the room, and the main subject of photographs that your whole family will pore over for decades.  But have no fear. We have famed photographer Navdeep Soni himself, weighing in on how to look perfectly photogenic on your big day. 1. Getting Late :...


Canvera launches mobile app

In the rapidly evolving world of Indian wedding photography Canvera has earned itself a reputation as a technology company that is consistently ahead of the curve. This month, Canvera pushes its award-winning photobook business to the next level by launching the Canvera mobile app. Available on iOS and Android, the app provides both photographers and consumers unprecedented levels of secure access to their Canvera Photobooks, turning the smartphone or tablet into a convenient, portable showcase for their special memories. Users...


3 things To Look For In A Wedding Photographer’s Portfolio

So you have done your homework. You have asked your network of newlyweds to share recommendations. You have been through hundreds of wedding photographer portfolios. You even have your shortlist of favourites. But what next? Here are some things to keep in mind when you take the all-important next step, i.e. narrowing down your shortlist to the photographer you’ll entrust your wedding day to. Look beyond the portfolio A photographers’ portfolio is a collection. It showcases the best images out...


5 Tips to Kickstart Your Hunt For The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Great photographs that capture the magic and emotions of your special day can be life-long treasures. So it’s vital to choose your photographer wisely. As with everything important, it pays to be organised and informed from the very outset. 1. Start Early Wedding photography is a relatively new field in India, but it’s growing at a dizzying pace. The better the photographer, the more they are in demand. India’s top wedding photographers often get booked out as early as an...

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