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Indian Wedding Photography…costs HOW MUCH: Guest Post by Arjun Kartha

A lot of people assume wedding photography in India will be a bargain. If you’re one of them, this post is for you! Fret not though, there are deals to be had…but first!  Disclaimer: This isn’t a post that justifies WHY wedding photography is expensive in the first place. There are plenty of posts online written by both brides and photographers – which explore both sides of the story. This post is only about wedding photography in India, and why it costs just...


10 Ideas on how to choose the right Wedding Photographer – Navdeep Soni

Although I am based in Pune but as a destination wedding photographer, I travel all over to shoot weddings. Today I am sharing a few ideas on how to choose the right wedding photographer based on my experience of working with so many couples. As you shoot with them over a period of 2 to 3 days, they get comfortable and share their anxieties about how difficult and confusing it gets when it comes to hiring specialized services like wedding photography...


Why become a Wedding Photographer: Guest Post by Arjun Kartha

On Sunday the 4th of May, the ever factual and in-depth Economic Times ran an article on Wedding Photography in India. The reporter had called me a week or so ago to record a few facts, and we had an interesting fifteen minute conversation where I told him all I knew about the industry – as it existed in India. He must have checked his facts, because as I read the article today – I noted that he had also quoted a...


How to choose the right Wedding Photographer – Vijesh

Encouraged by the tremendous response we got from you for our earlier series of blog posts on “Selecting the Right Wedding Photographer”, we have begun a new series on “Tips and Suggestions for Hiring a Wedding Photographer” written by leading photographers of India. In this blog, eminent photographer Vijesh tells you the steps you should take to find the right photographer for your wedding in a very systematic and easy way. He also tells you how the concept of wedding...


How To Get The Best Out Of Your Wedding Photographer

We did a series of posts on “Selecting the Right Wedding Photographer” where we featured views and interviews of real brides. Today we’re happy to present to you our new series – “Tips & Suggestions for hiring a Wedding Photographer” by none other than India’s most eminent Wedding Photographers. They will  tell you what to look for when hunting for the right photographer for the most important event of your life. Featuring first in this series is a wonderful post...


Selecting the right wedding photographer: Vaishali B

Thank you for your great response towards “Selecting the Right Wedding Photographer” series. We’re happy to know that you liked it. Based on your requests, we are back with yet another insightful post in this series. Featuring next is bride Vaishali B from Mumbai who is so happy to find Ashok Kumar as photographer for her wedding. Vaishali suggests to select the wedding photographer very carefully but more importantly, trust your photographer once you have hired him/her. Read on to know more...

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