Monthly Archive: January 2013


Wedding photography is a great art demanding exclusive creativity: Prakash Tilokani

While Indian weddings get fatter, Wedding Photography in India has also been completely revolutionized in last few years. There is a huge change in the way Indians are getting photographed at their weddings now. Discussing this change, we have a very interesting post from Mr. Prakash Tilokani, the man who really needs no introduction in the Indian Wedding Photography industry. Ever since he was a child, Mr. Tilokani was interested in photography. Initially what began as a hobby, today it...


Photography Website: The pivotal platform for Photographers (Part 1)

For photographers, the best way to market themselves is by showcasing their work. The work can be showcased in many beautiful and interesting forms, be it on printed medium like  coffee table books or prints, or using slide shows or social media in the virtual world. However, in today’s day and age of internet and social media, it is almost mandatory for a photographer to have a website. A website can become a very powerful platform for a photographer to do much...

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