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The Ecosystem: Creating the biggest defensibility for your business

Many entrepreneurs think that the secret sauce lies in a piece of technology or sales and marketing strategy etc. that helps them to succeed. While these are usually key ingredients, it is not sufficient to have them in isolation, as sooner or later someone else will either copy it or build something better. The biggest defensibility a business can build in my opinion, is the ecosystem and it’s culture. It’s probably the most difficult thing to build as it cannot...


Canvera: A photo feature by photographer Naina

While I was in Bangalore, I had a chance to visit the office & production facility of one of my favorite companies in India currently : Canvera. Dhiraj & Peeyush gave me a tour of the place and while Canvera is strict with its customers’ privacy [ Dhiraj mentioned no images with photos from albums would be allowed ], they were gracious enough to let me make photographs of some of the processes. Of course, I showed each image to...


Repost: Professional Photography Is Dead. Long Live Professional Photography!

I did a post on about what I think about the future of pro-photography. Here is a small excerpt from it: — “… never before have average consumers been exposed to this much high quality imagery – web, mobile, magazines, hoardings, blogs – you name it. The quality of images on Pinterest or Tumblr is just mind blowing. Sub-consciously consumers have developed a greater appreciation for good images.  … [Consumers] are coming to appreciate how difficult the art and...


Tweetup in NOIDA on Jan 24th

I am going to be in Delhi on Jan 24th and Adobe has very kindly agreed to host a tweetup for a small set of photographers. The time is not yet fixed, but will most likely be in the afternoon on Jan 24th at Adobe’s office in NOIDA. My personal goal for these tweetups is to meet all types of pro photographers and hear about the challenges and opportunities both technically and on the business front. I will be bringing...


Tweetup in Mumbai around Feb 1st

I am going to be in Mumbai around Feb 1st (definitely there on the 1st but may come earlier and stay longer) and would like to invite photographers to a tweetup. We had a very successful tweetup in Bangalore and while there is nothing like taking a tour of our office, production facility & design center, we had requests to do this in Mumbai and Delhi. I’d be happy to buy a few photographers coffee and answer questions you may...

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