Monthly Archive: July 2011


Building a Brand by Building Trust

This post first appeared on the VCCircle blog here ————– One of the biggest challenges faced by any startup in any part of the world is earning customer trust at scale. Different economies offer different types of challenges; some of the challenges can be overcome by good execution, good timing and intelligent allocation of capital but some are out of the control of individual companies and depend more on the operating environment. Having lived most of adult life in the...


And thus Vivyo was born

Special pictures deserve a special place. We at Canvera constantly think about ways to improve the way special pictures are presented. Our effort on this front hopefully shows in our printed products. Starting from the quality of the book itself, to the packaging and the supporting services, we try and make the entire experience something that will please our clients. While printed products have that timeless charm and romance, these days its also very important to be able to share...

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