Monthly Archive: February 2011


The Canvera Technology Engine

In my previous post, I had stated the mission of Canvera Technology; to bring out technology enabled products and services that allow people to preserve and cherish their memories in innovative and exciting ways. In this post, I would like to shed some light on the engine that makes it all possible, and how this engine is shaping up. Also a sneak peek at a new online product that we are close to releasing. Canvera is powered by 6 software product...


Why I love my job – reason#2: Technology

Continuing the series: Peeyush gave a comprehensive view on Canvera’s technology in his last post, so I won’t go over it except to say that it is truly an exciting time with an explosion of input and output mechanisms all connected over the net. The future is hard to predict but I love that we are participating in building it in a very a meaningful way. Let me just  leave you with a few links about the history of photography:...


The Heart and Soul of Canvera Technology

I often feel blessed to be around in times when so much innovation is going on, specially in technology. Most successful businesses today use technology as key differentiator. Over the last 16 years, I have personally been in the middle of software technology evolution. My first project was on mainframes, followed by databases, serious enterprise applications, Internet services, and now Web x.0, social media and mobile platforms. Similarly, tremendous amount of innovation and progress has occurred in digital imaging, media,...

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