Monthly Archive: January 2011


Why I love my job – reason #1 (of N): Colour Science

In Dec this year I will complete 20 years working in the field of imaging – the first 9 years were spent in academia and the last 10 years in the industry. I can say unequivocally that I love what I do and it is probably THE main reason I’ve managed to stay within this domain. The  business of imaging/photography brings together so many diverse disciplines that there is never a dull moment and a constant need to keep learning....


Walking the talk on this Republic Day

A day late, but nevertheless here’s wishing everyone and the country a grand 62nd year as a republic. As has been wont around national holidays, we all read a lot about pledging to “remove corruption”,”better governance” etc etc – a laundry list of the usual. To be honest, personally speaking, I can’t anymore pay heed to the rhetoric.  It is too much talk and too little action for my liking and my mind more often than not blocks it out....


Hello World!

I guess it was about time that we blogged about all that is happening with Canvera so let me kick this off with a salute to Peeyush and my engineering roots with a “Hello World!” It has been a crazy fabulous journey for us so far and I hope to share news/learnings/thoughts with you on this blog. In this post let me give you a quick background on how we got started and some highlights since then. We met Sun,...

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